3. Proofing and Editing Services

I am an experienced professional proofreader, beta reader and copy editor and can offer my services at lower rates than most. I can’t promise you will find an agent or publisher, I can’t promise to find every single error, I am not infallible, but I can promise you this: Work proofed or edited by me will increase your chances of acceptance and success and hopefully help you to improve your writing skills along the way and ensure your readers have a book you can truly be proud of.  I handle any type of document, from letter to novel, website text to brochure, hardcopy or electronic. No proofreading or editing job is the same, some need more work than others and I am happy to discuss your requirements, working with you through the whole process. If you self-publish it is all the more important to ensure your work is the best it can be in terms of spelling, punctuation, grammar and layout and a whole lot more besides. I can help you achieve that goal and make your book stand head and shoulders about others.

I also give critiques, beta reads, formatting guidance and an editing service.


Up to 100,000 words
100,000 to 150,000 words
200,000+ words
Proofread /copy edit
Combined edit/proofread

Special discounts offered to Loveahappyending.com and Famous Five Plus authors.


Contact me in the first instance by email at mail@kit-domino.com to discuss your specific


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