Janice HortonBestselling author of Bagpipes & Bullshot and Reaching for the Stars 

“As an indie/self-published author, I’ve had to adopt a practical approach to publication and realise that writing the manuscript is the only time a writer should ever ‘go it alone’. Out of respect for your prospective readers and certainly for your own professionalism, it is essential to have your story independently critiqued and your writing professionally edited. I was delighted to employ Kit Domino do this job for me and together we worked seamlessly as a team. Kit pulled out all the stops when it came to keeping to a tight publication schedule. Her advice on structure was invaluable to me when I knew something was not quite right but couldn’t put my finger on it. Her suggestions were all completely in tune with my own thoughts about the storyline. When it came to the proof-read edit, Kit’s work was outstanding. The manuscript came back to me on time, checked and double checked, and professionally presented. I cannot recommend Kit’s editing services highly enough to you – although I must warn you that I do now consider her to be ‘my’ editor!”

Stephanie Keyes: author, The Star ChildDec 2011

“Proper editing is one of the most important steps a writer can take, not only in order to ensure that their readers have a seamless and professional reading experience, but also for the development of the individual author. Kit Domino provided outstanding copyediting services, advising me not only on typos but on accuracy in British cultural terms. She even took the time to advise me on steps that I could take to help my writing flow – something that I couldn’t have achieved while working in a box. I highly recommend Kit, not only for her accuracy and promptness, but for the good measure of heart that she puts into every project.”

Lizzie Spicer: Self Employed Bookkeeper

“Kit is great. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done and has fun while doing it.”


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